Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Bike Ride

May 29, my favorite day to ride a bike.  Especially this year, from our new cabin outside of Brevard, NC.

Birthday breakfast.  Great presents, including a pink King headset and perforated Rolls.

There is almost nothing I like to do more than tinker on bikes.  Finally, I have a decent space to do it.

And where I discovered that my TA bottom bracket on my 2004 Mariposa is toast.  I mean, kaput.  As in grinds around.

So instead of riding the Mariposa on Grand Bois 30s, I took my blue Della Santa with Grand Bois 26s.

And off I went with Green River Road in mind.  Miles of no cars, miles of forest, and packed gravel roads.

Ten miles to the greavel, then a few miles in, hisssssss.  A flat.  I was prepared, of course.  Instead of using a spare tube, I patched the snake bite carefully with two patches.  I had flatted on this road a few weeks ago.  After years of 1 or 2 flats per year, this is my sixth in 2011.  (Turns out that I have a burr on the inside of a worn-out rim).

Pumped up the rear.  Or tried to.  Bam.  Silca exploded in my hands.  I know all about the horrible reputation of these pumps, but I've used them for 30 years and have never broken one (another rider broke another of mine a few years ago).  Well, this one exploded.

No pump.  No cell phone coverage.  But phone did remind me of my birthday.

Luckily, after a pleasant walk, I ended up a Green River Preserve summer camp where my oldest attended a few years ago.  I found a land line, and waited in this glorious meadow for Miss Caprice and the boys to rescue me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Middle Route

Dad (WDAV: Still The Same Since 1940) sent these DVDs he bought from a closing video store.  Bless him!  "Breaking Away" changed my life in 1979.  It is the poseur bible on film.  And I love Obree.  Saw him race twice at the Vel d'Hiv velodrome in Geneva in 1993 and 1994.  The first was a 4K pursuit against Chris Boardman (winner: Obree).
Before leaving, a quick stop to Miss Caprice's vegetable garden for a single berry.  Tomatoes are coming along beautifully.
Skating around the park, was passed by friend and former client Joachim.  His form is off the charts.
This is a special building for me.  In 1998, I dreamed of opening a bike/longboard skate and surf shop here.  Cappi and I living upstairs.  Brother James and I talked about calling it One Speed.  I called the owner about buying it.  Alas, no capital.
My favorite house in Charleston.  A freedman's cottage on an alley behind Burke High School.  It was redone at least 15 years ago.  I have never seen the owner, but massive thumbs up for the right house in the right spot.
This is what a public elementary school should look like.  When did it become acceptable to educate children in trailers?
  Ramp over the Crosstown.  Rarely used, but I love it.
Great route.  Smooth, empty street, heading due East.
You can get your shrimp here.

Surprised to find Terry's old bus parked downtown. I partied on the upper deck over 10 years ago.

My Charleston is not all Southern Gothic.  The perfect cafe, Hope and Union.  Seriously, not a better coffee spot anywhere.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Water Route

First blisteringly hot day in CHS, so today's carry includes suit pants and fresh shirt.  All fits perfectly in lumbar (fanny) pack.  Suit and googles are along for the ride, but decided to take a different, longer route to work and pool will probably not happen.
Today through Hampton Park.  Probably my favorite place in the world.  It is beautiful this time of year.  Fire ant mounds to come, but now, beautiful.
 Live oaks and Spanish moss.  Hurricane Hugo wiped out the moss years ago, but now back in full force.  Nothing says Charleston more.
Proof I was here.
Skate right past the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.  A great neighbor, really.
Football stadium, great pavement, and Bulldog.
Route to the water, due West.
Brittlebank Park and water!
Some of my favorite places in Charleston.  Dave's Fish.

Morris Brown AME, good friend Rev. Darby, pastor.
My normal lunch spot.  Irie.
View out of my office window.
And here we are.  A little behind schedule for a busy day.
Up the stairs.

Good morning to Sharmaine. She went out last night with the ladies in the office.  A little rough.
Down the hall.

Where it all happens.  I am a lucky boy to live in this town.  My skate to work on a early summer day made that clear.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pool Route

This morning was my first commute by skateboard.  Passion of the recently converted and all that.

The set up: push board and 20 year-old lumbar pack (that's outdoor lingo for fanny pack).  Didn't notice the pack at all.  Carried swim suit and googles, everyday stuff, and some legal documents.

Apologize in advance for the outfit.  Very hot and humid.  Maroon chucks and pink trou, maybe not the best.
The road condition varies, buttery smooth to chippy.  But the big surprise was how little traffic there was.  This is King Street, downtown Charleston, at 8:30 am.  I ride my bike down the street everyday, but never noticed how empty it is.  

Rode right by my ex-haunt.  Haven't darkened the door of the Recovery Room since October 4, 2010 (but who's counting?) .  Love this place.

Jumped off the board to take a short cut under the interstate and over the tracks.
Destination: my second favorite pool in the world.
She's always at the desk.  Looking fabulous with a new hair cut.
I can always find an empty lane or share with one other.  50 meters gives plenty of room.
Clicked through a quick 1000 meters under the watchful eye of Boss.

In case there is any doubt, yes a helmet and yes a Speedo.

Ride to work through the surprisingly good streets through the bad side of town.

Camera ran out of juice.  Great start to the day!