Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Middle Route

Dad (WDAV: Still The Same Since 1940) sent these DVDs he bought from a closing video store.  Bless him!  "Breaking Away" changed my life in 1979.  It is the poseur bible on film.  And I love Obree.  Saw him race twice at the Vel d'Hiv velodrome in Geneva in 1993 and 1994.  The first was a 4K pursuit against Chris Boardman (winner: Obree).
Before leaving, a quick stop to Miss Caprice's vegetable garden for a single berry.  Tomatoes are coming along beautifully.
Skating around the park, was passed by friend and former client Joachim.  His form is off the charts.
This is a special building for me.  In 1998, I dreamed of opening a bike/longboard skate and surf shop here.  Cappi and I living upstairs.  Brother James and I talked about calling it One Speed.  I called the owner about buying it.  Alas, no capital.
My favorite house in Charleston.  A freedman's cottage on an alley behind Burke High School.  It was redone at least 15 years ago.  I have never seen the owner, but massive thumbs up for the right house in the right spot.
This is what a public elementary school should look like.  When did it become acceptable to educate children in trailers?
  Ramp over the Crosstown.  Rarely used, but I love it.
Great route.  Smooth, empty street, heading due East.
You can get your shrimp here.

Surprised to find Terry's old bus parked downtown. I partied on the upper deck over 10 years ago.

My Charleston is not all Southern Gothic.  The perfect cafe, Hope and Union.  Seriously, not a better coffee spot anywhere.

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