Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pool Route

This morning was my first commute by skateboard.  Passion of the recently converted and all that.

The set up: push board and 20 year-old lumbar pack (that's outdoor lingo for fanny pack).  Didn't notice the pack at all.  Carried swim suit and googles, everyday stuff, and some legal documents.

Apologize in advance for the outfit.  Very hot and humid.  Maroon chucks and pink trou, maybe not the best.
The road condition varies, buttery smooth to chippy.  But the big surprise was how little traffic there was.  This is King Street, downtown Charleston, at 8:30 am.  I ride my bike down the street everyday, but never noticed how empty it is.  

Rode right by my ex-haunt.  Haven't darkened the door of the Recovery Room since October 4, 2010 (but who's counting?) .  Love this place.

Jumped off the board to take a short cut under the interstate and over the tracks.
Destination: my second favorite pool in the world.
She's always at the desk.  Looking fabulous with a new hair cut.
I can always find an empty lane or share with one other.  50 meters gives plenty of room.
Clicked through a quick 1000 meters under the watchful eye of Boss.

In case there is any doubt, yes a helmet and yes a Speedo.

Ride to work through the surprisingly good streets through the bad side of town.

Camera ran out of juice.  Great start to the day!

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  1. in two weeks I expect you to be doing nose wheelies in flip flops and the speedo on your way into work!